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Export And Import Importers generally rely on us for arranging Customs trade compliance regulating the imports of their products - Customs Clearance Process for novice.

Export And Import

  • Customs clearance & release (Entry Summary - 7501)
  • Cargo Return (in-bond or otherwise) of rejected goods
  • Transloading for Intermodal or Air/Road move (in-bond or otherwise)
  • In-Bond moves from port to inland points
  • Transborder move from port (i.e. to Mexico, Canada & other neighboring countries)
  • IT/IE/T&E (Form 7512) preparation and arrangement
  • Customs examinations i.e. CET/VACIS/MET/Tail Gate
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) entry & release
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF, 10+2) & bond (if required)
  • FDA/USDA & Other government agencies clearance & release
  • Carnet & Temporary import in-bond clearance
  • Duty Drawback (Form 7551/52/53/14) for return or goods
  • In-Bond for segregation, deconsolidation or storage at low cost than ports
  • Automated Manifest System - AMS
  • Environmental Protection Agency - EPA forms & approval process for vehicles, motors etc
  • Unaccompanied Household personal goods entry clearance (Form 3299)
  • Bonds (Continuous or Single Entry)
  • Manipulate, Examine, Sample or Transfer Goods while in bond (Form 3499)
  • Obtain Importer ID# (Form 5106) for USA or overseas parties (for DDU/DDP shipments)
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Insurance arrangement to cover the risks of customs & other government entities rejections

Customs - the most important integral of international shipping & moving.

Most of the exporters/importers are using professionals such as Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders & international shipping service providers because every country's customs has trade compliance regulating the commodities either leaving (export) or coming-in (import). All exporters & importers are expected to understand and comply with these regulations including the individuals who might just be moving their personal household goods.

There is much more than just customs compliance for an international shipper because each shipment has multiple vendors involved in process to get a shipment from origin to destination. The shipper must understand the role & complications of each vendor involved and should have coordination among them so that the shipping cost is reasonable and the transit time is dependable

In number of years with appropriate licenses, regular training, exposure to regulations & supervision, we have became good in meeting our clients' expectations. Our team of professionals is well versed with recent trade regulations, available shipping options, contracts and relationship with quality vendors (most of them are C-TPAT approved) to benefit our clients with low cost in shipping and hassle free move.

USA is our territory and we do best at each sea & air port. In addition, our worldwide network of agents, tested from many (>25 yrs) years in business, does a job much better than our competitors because we have multiple choices at each overseas port/country to utilize depending on the need your shipment requires. Please visit our other web pages for the details on our other services, such as origin pickup, destination delivery, Insurance, Packing etc..

All compliance & requirements can only be smoothly done if the documents of the shipment are in order. We guide our clients from the beginning of their transaction and check the shipping documents meticulously to assure that they are in order before the arrival of the shipment. Documents not in order or not provided timely can cause not only the delay in transit but also a big expense due to storage, detention of equipment etc..

Some of the requirements listed above required to be done before the goods are shipped such as ISF for ocean shipping. Our import specialist setup the importer with customs, have bond in place and communicate with exporter or their agent to comply with ISF regulation. Even if importer is late for some reason, we guide them with the best options available and do our best to expedite preparing them for their shipment in transit and suggest what is best in their interest to avoid penalty/fine/examination, delay & additional cost. Client find us very useful & professional in guiding them in every difficult situation which ultimately save them hassel, delays & expenses.

Our handling fee for these services is quite nominal and very competitive among the competition. Those who are regular importers, we either meet or beat our competitor's rates so that they have no cost increase rather get a better & attentive service. One can utilize our services either in part or full (from Door to Door) leaving them free to use the best vendor for each function and free estimate would let you compare the rate with no obligation.

Each of our client is assigned one sales person to quote rates with one coordinator to serve & perform the operation, giving the dependability you deserve. After few shipments, our client hardly has to get involved in their shipping & clearing process because we believe in making them save not only money but time in coordinating their moves per their expectation. Shipment status is provided online or via emails/phones depending on the client's wish and modifications, if needed, are attended immediately to meet any of your new requirements due to rush or emergency.